From The Tournament Hosts

Welcome Letters

January 11, 2024

Dear Students, Staff, Families, and Community,

Welcome to Maryland!

We extend a heartfelt greeting to the Clerc Classic XXII, a prestigious National Basketball Tournament and Cheerleading Competition. As you join us, we invite you to immerse yourselves in the enchanting charm of the beautiful city of Frederick!

Hosting the Clerc Classic at the Maryland School for the Deaf is a distinct honor that brings us immense pleasure. We eagerly anticipate an exhilarating three-day weekend filled with outstanding basketball and spirited cheering. A warm and sincere welcome is extended to our esteemed guests from Florida, Fremont, Indiana, Lexington, Model Secondary, Riverside, and Texas.

Despite Maryland’s modest size, our state boasts diverse landscapes, from the picturesque beaches of the Eastern Shore to the majestic mountains of Western Maryland. In this extraordinary state, where the Chesapeake Bay glistens and the United States Naval Academy stands tall, both urbanites and nature enthusiasts encourage your visit. We take pride in the prowess of the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles, as well as the esteemed Fort McHenry in Baltimore—the birthplace of the U.S. national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” penned by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812. Maryland is renowned for its culinary delights, with blue crabs taking center stage, particularly in our delectable crab cakes and dishes. (And who can resist a dash of Old Bay seasoning?)

On behalf of the MSD Orioles, it is with genuine enthusiasm that we embrace the role of your hosts this weekend. We eagerly anticipate a weekend filled with camaraderie, spirited competition, and the embodiment of true sportsmanship.

Enjoy your stay in Maryland this weekend, and make sure to come back for another visit! 

Best Regards,

John A. Serrano

January 11, 2024


On behalf of the Maryland School for the Deaf, it is with immense joy that we extend a warm welcome to the Clerc Classic XXII Basketball Tournament and Cheerleading Competition!

This marks the 22nd edition of the Clerc Classic, an event that originated at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington D.C. in 2001 and has since blossomed into a cherished national tournament, showcasing the finest talents of our basketball and cheerleading teams from across the country.

A heartfelt thanks is extended to the MSD administration for their support, without which this tournament would not be possible for our school community and visitors. We also express our gratitude to our esteemed top-level sponsors: Sorensen, Gallaudet University, and Maryland Relay, for their generous contributions. We consider ourselves truly fortunate to be part of a supportive community where we can connect with deaf talent and volunteers, inviting them to share their expertise and time with our tournament participants.

Our gratitude goes out to the dedicated committee members who have worked tirelessly to bring the Clerc Classic to life and ensure a memorable experience for all participants. We encourage you to take a moment to express your appreciation to these individuals.

Over 200 years ago, Laurent Clerc and Rev. Dr. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet laid the foundation for Deaf education by establishing the American School for the Deaf, marking a pivotal moment in our history. This occasion invites us to reflect on the profound contributions of Laurent Clerc and his associates to Deaf education. Inspired by their enduring legacy, let us aspire to go above and beyond for our students and communities, nurturing a spirit of support, inclusion, and camaraderie.

As the competition unfolds, we wish all participants an enjoyable basketball tournament and cheerleading competition. May you have a fantastic time, give your best on the court, and may the spirit of sportsmanship prevail!

Warm Regards,

Amy Mowl
Tournament Chair

Jason Coleman
Athletic Director