Saturday Morning Livestream Difficulties

Good afternoon from MSD!

Clerc Classic XXII has been a wonderful event thus far, and we appreciate your support and enthusiasm.

We want to extend our sincere apologies for the technical glitches experienced during this morning’s 5/6th and 7/8th place basketball games. We understand the importance of a seamless live-streaming experience, and unfortunately, we encountered challenges.

Due to the jam-packed schedule of eight basketball games and the highly-anticipated cheerleading competition on Saturday, we had to utilize three gym facilities. CHILMARKeting was designated for Linganore High School to set up and prepare for the cheerleading competition.

It was mutually agreed upon that MSD would handle the live-streaming of the morning games. Regrettably, we faced technical difficulties on our end, leading to delays in the live-streaming process.

Thanks go to CHILMARKeting for their exceptional work throughout the tournament. Their efforts have undoubtedly brought the Clerc Classic XXII experience to those unable to attend in person. We value your understanding and continued support as we work to enhance our live-streaming capabilities.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible event, and we look forward to making the remainder of Clerc Classic XXII a memorable and seamless experience for everyone.